Job description

If you have professional auditing experience and would like to work for the EU as an auditor, helping the EU to meet its demanding requirements in financial, performance and internal auditing, you can apply either for a permanent administrator role or as a Contract Agent in the auditing field. The work of EU auditors, relating to internal and external audits, involves examining financial management processes, conducting inspections, improving control systems, advising on methodologies, closely supporting senior decision-makers, training non-specialist personnel and supervising and mentoring colleagues. You can conduct auditing tasks in a range of sectors and contexts, from working in the area of human resources in the European Commission or working for the European Court of Auditors.

Key Qualifications

You must have a good command of at least 2 EU languages, an appropriate degree or professional qualification for entry at Grade AD 5 (entry level for permanent administrators), and several years’ relevant experience, to join us at a more senior level (Grade AD 7).

Requirements may vary for contract staff, especially for those employed as assistant auditors.

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