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Job description

Translators in the various EU institutions and bodies, working in a challenging, multi-cultural environment, help 500 million Europeans, in different EU countries understand EU policies. Working to some strict deadlines, the job may involve translating a broad range of political, legal, financial, scientific and technical texts and providing wide-ranging linguistic advice to colleagues.


Key Qualifications

You must have perfect command of one EU language and a thorough command of at least 2 others, and a degree in any discipline. The selection procedure for translators will focus on your language knowledge and skills in translating, as well as the core competencies required of all EU officials. Find out more about the selection procedure. You may also find our sample tests useful.

Translator selections are launched each year usually in the summer (June/July). Check our homepage for an announcement about the languages we are looking for in the current year.

Translators may also be employed as contract staff for a fixed term.


See our Traineeships page for further information on translator traineeships.