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How is equal treatment guaranteed?

Objective evaluation criteria are adopted prior to the selection, in accordance with the competition notice, and are rigorously applied to all candidates in order to ensure equal treatment.


Can I reschedule a case study, written test in the field, e-tray or translation test?

You cannot reschedule the date/time of your case study, written test in the field, e-tray or translation test appointment.


Which keyboard will I use at my computer-based tests?

For multiple-choice question (MCQ) tests (including the e-tray tests), candidates don't need a keyboard. For the case study and the written test in the field, you will be allocated by default a keyboard corresponding to your second language. In the invitation letter, you will be requested to check and – if necessary - change your keyboard option. If you select a keyboard other than your default one, some keyboard shortcuts for accented/special characters might not be available. You can see the most common special characters, which are supported by the test environment and can be typed by...


What should I do if I encounter a technical problem at the test centre which might affect my test/performance?

Should an issue occur, please ensure that you: alert an invigilator to resolve the issue and request that the incident be logged in writing AND notify EPSO within 3 days after the test in writing via the online contact form with a brief description of the problem encountered.


Are travel costs reimbursed?

There is no reimbursement for travel costs associated with computer-based tests or intermediate/preliminary tests (multiple-choice question tests, e-tray and translation tests). Candidates taking the case study or the written test in the field who reside outside the EU are entitled to a contribution towards travel and subsistence expenses in line with the:  - Rules on contribution to travel and subsistence (procedures published from 01.01.2018 on)


What are the instructions for sitting the computer-based tests?

Please check the Notice of Competition or Call for Expression of Interest of your selection procedure for the number of questions, duration and pass marks for the tests. Arrival at the test centre: The address of the test centre is listed in the link in your booking confirmation. You can find this confirmation in your EPSO account once you have booked for the tests. You must arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment. Availability cannot be guaranteed if you are late or if you miss your appointment.We would like to invite you to read our frequently asked question on What are the...


What are the rules of conduct at the computer-based tests centres?

Anyone failing to respect the following rules of conduct may be excluded from the test centre and the rest of the selection procedure. You must follow the Prometric Testing Center Regulations (also available at the test centre on the day of the tests) and all instructions given by the test centre staff. Each test session is invigilated and videotaped. In order to ensure a secure testing environment, invigilators perform regular walk-throughs whilst candidates are taking the tests. Food and drinks are allowed only in the waiting room/area but not in the test room. No refreshments are provided...


How do I book my computer-based tests?

You will be notified of the start and end dates of the booking period via your EPSO account/website. A link to the contractor's booking system will be active in your EPSO account only during this booking period. You will be able to choose the date, time, country and test centre according to availability. A more limited range of testing dates will be offered in the case of certain tests (translation tests, e-tray). The case study and the written test in the field are in general organised on the same day for all candidates. You can choose a different test centre from the one you indicated in...


What happens after I book my tests?

Immediately after booking you will receive a confirmation email from Prometric. Check your spam filter/junk mail if you do not receive it. The exam code indicated in the confirmation email for MCQ tests and the e-tray corresponds to your second language, namely the language for the instructions in the test environment. For the case study, written test in the field and the translation tests this code also corresponds to additional information on the language of the test and the keyboard. A booking confirmation will also be uploaded in your EPSO account within 48 hours of booking. You should...


Who should I contact if I encounter technical problems when booking my computer-based tests?

If you encounter technical issues when booking, rescheduling or cancelling your computer-based tests please contact Prometric directly: Via e-mail: epso_en@prometric.com By phone (toll-free): Austria 0800 201 768 Belgium 0800 80293 Bulgaria 00800 1104423 Croatia 0800 222 354


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