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Applications open: 25 May 2011 Applications close: midday (Brussels time – CEST) on 28 June 2011 Official Journal:C 155A Guide to open competitions How to Apply [3 MB] The registrations for competition EPSO/AD/215/11 closed on 28/6/2011. Based on the number of applicants, computer-based admission tests will be organised only for candidates with main language French, English or Spanish. For further information, please check the notice of competition. All candidates will be informed about the next steps of the competition procedure via their EPSO account. Number of candidates who have validated their application: 5492 EN: 1.231 ES: 1.133 ET: 109 FR: 1.321 NL: 447 PL: 488 PT: 323 SK: 161 SL: 138 SV: 141 Number of candidates invited to the Assessment Centre: 210 EN: 50 ES: 23 ET: 11 FR: 28 NL: 17 PL: 16 PT: 23 SK: 16 SL: 10 SV: 16 Total: 210 Invitation to the Assessment Centers published in the candidates' EPSO accounts: 15/11/2011 Assessment Centre sessions will be held between 01/12/2011 and 08/02/2012 (final date approximative) Written tests will take place on Friday 16/12/2011 in Brussels; invitations and details will be published in EPSO accounts shortly. Members of the Selection Board [11 KB]