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Case study - EPSO/AD/302/15

Administrators in the field of audit
  • The case study will take place on 20/11/2015.
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes in advance.
  • The address of the test centre is provided via a link in your booking confirmation.
  • Don’t forget to take your booking confirmation printed from your EPSO account and a valid ID document with a photo (please check the CBT manual to see which documents are accepted).
  • All candidates will sit the tests on the same day. For this reason it is not possible to change the date of the test and no subsequent rescheduling will be authorised.
  • Languages: you will take your tests in the language (L2) you selected in your application. The instructions on the computer screen will be provided in your language 2. To check which languages you selected, click on your candidate number in your EPSO account and you will see them in your application form. No changes are possible after validation of your application.
Full information on this competition is available here. Please check your EPSO account at least twice a week.FR