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CAST Building: Publication of a corrigendum and the results of competency tests

  On 18/01/2013, we published in the candidates' EPSO accounts a corrigendum to the call for expressions of interest and the results of the competency test. The decision to publish a corrigendum was taken in order to get enough successful candidates in the database to cover the needs of the EU institutions. Number of successful candidates per field/function group:

Number of  candidates  admitted  to  the database of successful candidates

FG I:     Building Management –             Technical and Administrative Support Agent


FG II:    Building Management –             Logistical Support Assistant


FG III:   Building Management – Building Technician/             Building Project Manager


FG III:   Health and Safety Officer


FG IV:   Building Management – Building Engineer/             Architect


All candidates of the EPSO/CAST/S/3/2012 selection procedure have now been informed of their results. The database of successful candidates will remain valid for a period of three years from the date of publication of the final results in the EPSO accounts. The recruiting institutions have now access to the profiles of all successful candidates. As positions become vacant, candidates who best fit the requirements for a particular vacancy will be selected for interview with a view to potential recruitment. Please note that at the same time as the interview, candidates will be required to provide all documents (diplomas, certificates etc.) to support the information given in their application form. As recruiting institutions will have access to the CVs, we suggest that successful candidates upload an updated CV in their EPSO account. Some Agencies and DGs of the European Commission advertise vacancies on our web site at http://europa.eu/epso/apply/today/temporary_en.htm Please note that the names of successful candidates of CAST selections are not published in the Official Journal. Also, the “flagging system” (for assignment of candidates to the Institutions) applies only to candidates on reserve lists resulting from open competitions, and not to the successful candidates of CAST selections.

FR  En date du 18/01/2013, nous avons publié dans les comptes EPSO un rectificatif à

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