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Please note that, until further notice, the latest information given about COVID-19 will be updated primarily in English. The other language versions will be added gradually.

NEW – updated 15/04/2021:


EPSO continues to closely monitor the evolution of the coronavirus COVID-19 and is still following all appropriate precautionary measures in line with the instructions and guidelines provided by the EU Institutions and national authorities. If you are a candidate participating in an ongoing selection procedure, please check your EPSO account and the EPSO website on a regular basis. The timelines of the different ongoing competitions’ pages are revised and amended regularly in keeping with new planning dates.

You can also send us any questions you have via the online contact form.

We can assure you that EPSO will add more information as and when it becomes available.


General measures applicable to computer-based tests in Prometric test centres

EPSO is carefully following the different rules and guidelines established in countries both in Europe and worldwide, as many countries have introduced different forms of lockdown. Inevitably, this has an impact on the availability of testing centres where, depending on the country, some centres may be open, while others are closed.

EPSO has carefully considered this situation and has decided to continue testing for ongoing selection procedures in those centres that remain open. Given the differing ‘spikes’ per country/region affecting the candidate pool worldwide, postponing the planned tests would not have been a solution which would benefit all candidates.  EPSO has therefore agreed to the opening of additional test centres globally to allow more candidates to sit the tests in, or closer to, their place of residence. EPSO has also extended the testing periods to enable candidates to travel and sit the tests.

However, due to the ongoing situation, EPSO has unfortunately been obliged to delay the start of the computer-based tests for the more recently published selection procedures. The indicative dates will be published as soon as possible on the relevant webpages of these selection procedures, but EPSO does not expect any computer-based tests to start before May 2021.

Whilst acknowledging candidates’ possible frustration, EPSO would like to highlight that all efforts are being made to allow for as much testing as possible, and hopes candidates understand that their health and safety is a priority at all times.

Please note that EPSO’s contractor complies with all safety and sanitary measures required in this difficult situation. All guidelines and instructions about safety procedures at Prometric test centres are available here. The list of test centres that are currently closed is regularly updated. If your test centre is not mentioned in the list of closed centres, this means that the tests will take place as foreseen.

Please read the information carefully before booking an appointment and check the instructions again before travelling for the test.

As indicated in the Guidelines, candidates must bring and wear a mask at all times in the test centre. Masks with exhale/one-way valves are prohibited at the testing centre, due to the lack of viral particle filtration provided by these masks. Candidates coming to the test centre without a mask, or not following the safety and sanitary measures, will not be allowed to sit their test and will not be eligible for rescheduling.

Candidates should bear in mind that, depending on the circumstances, additional measures may be implemented at the test centres - for instance, candidates may be requested to have their temperature measured by an electronic contactless thermometer by the test centre staff.

For further information on measures in the test centres, candidates can also contact Prometric directly using the relevant national toll-free number or the phone number +31 320 239 575.


Specific measures for computer-based tests in the ongoing competitions and temporary-agents selections (not applicable to CAST Permanent procedure)

EPSO is aware that some candidates may not be able to book, travel to the test centre or sit their test on the given date of testing. EPSO will continue to monitor the situation closely and endeavour to ensure that those candidates who were not in a position to take their test will be able to do so as soon as the situation permits.

If, due to reasons linked to the ongoing public health crisis, candidates are prevented from booking or sitting tests, they must provide a short explanation and a relevant supporting document (for example reference to an official up-to-date national/regional authority decision). All such documentation must be submitted promptly via the EPSO contact form, namely the moment any such issue arises. All requests will be decided on a case-by-case-basis after analysis of the supporting documentation. Further information is also available in the invitation letter in the EPSO account.


Specific measures for candidates of CAST Permanent selection procedure:

If you have been invited to a test but could not book and/or sit for the test due to reasons related to Covid-19, please note that you will be re-invited during the next testing period provided that you renew your interest in the relevant application. Once your interest is renewed, you do not need to contact EPSO individually or take any other action. You will receive an invitation via your EPSO account.

Please be aware that the selection/recruitment procedure for a position for which you had been pre-selected may not have been suspended. EPSO and the recruiting services cannot be held responsible if you are not contacted despite succeeding in the tests for which you had been invited as a result of this measure.

The automatic re-invitation to a future test was a gesture of solidarity that EPSO implemented from March 2020 to mitigate the uncertainty created by the sudden onset of the health crisis. However, EPSO has decided to discontinue this practice as of May 2021. This means that candidates who cannot sit their tests in April 2021 will receive the last automatic re-invitation for testing in May 2021, provided they duly renew their interest in the relevant application. Candidates who cannot sit their tests in May 2021 will no longer be automatically re-invited for the subsequent testing period.

The indicative dates for the next testing periods are published on the web pages of the different CAST/P profiles.


Assessment Centre tests:

At the outset of the Covid-19 outbreak in March 2020, EPSO had to suspend all its Assessment Centre activities in Brussels and in Luxembourg and decided to organise the Assessment Centre tests in an online (remote) format instead.

Remote testing means that candidates sit the tests in their homes, offices etc. and do not need to travel to an EPSO location. Such testing takes place via a videoconferencing tool. All technical details are provided upfront, including the possibility to test the connection before the actual assessment day.


New competitions and selection procedures:

EPSO updates its indicative planning for new competitions regularly on its website. Now more than ever, we are looking forward to selecting committed and dedicated future colleagues to shape Europe together in these challenging times.


Please continue to take care of your own well-being, and that of your families and friends