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Please note that, until further notice, the latest information given about COVID-19 will be updated primarily in English. The other language versions will be added gradually.

NEW – updated 02/04/2020:

EPSO is constantly monitoring the evolution of the coronavirus COVID-19 in Europe. We are taking all precautionary and appropriate measures in line with the instructions and guidelines provided to us by national authorities. In the meantime, we advise candidates of the selection procedures below to check their EPSO account and the EPSO website on a regular basis. You can also send us your questions as usual via the online contact form.

Competitions EPSO/AD/372/19, EPSO/AD/373/19, EPSO/AD/374/19 and EPSO/AST-SC/08/19:

EPSO has put a hold on all its Assessment Centre activities, in Brussels and in Luxembourg. Assessment Centres are suspended with effect from 9 March until end of May 2020 and/or until further notice. We kindly ask candidates of competitions EPSO/AD/372/19, EPSO/AD/374/19 and EPSO/AST-SC/08/19 NOT to come to EPSO premises. We have included further details in the EPSO accounts of the candidates who were already invited for these tests.

Selection procedure CAST/P (CAST Permanent):

As the organisation of tests for CAST Permanent selection procedure has been significantly disrupted by the Coronavirus crisis, EPSO is taking special measures for all candidates who were invited for the tests in March (10-16 March) but could not book or sit the test. If this applies to you, you have already received a message with further information via the e-mail address which you indicated in your EPSO account. You do not need to contact EPSO individually or take any other measures.

The next testing periods for the CAST/P selection procedure initially planned to take place in April and in May are currently postponed until normal activities can resume.

New competitions and selection procedures:

We are working hard to try to adhere to our indicative planning for new competitions, and we look forward to selecting committed and dedicated future colleagues to shape Europe together in these challenging times.

Stay Home, Stay Connected and Stay Healthy.