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Please note that, until further notice, the latest information given about COVID-19 will be updated primarily in English. The other language versions will be added gradually.

NEW – updated 23/09/2021:

EPSO continues to closely monitor the evolution of the coronavirus COVID-19 and is still following all appropriate precautionary measures in line with the instructions and guidelines provided by the national authorities and EU institutions. If you are a candidate participating in an ongoing selection procedure, please check your EPSO account and the EPSO website on a regular basis. The timelines of the different ongoing competitions’ pages are amended regularly and aligned with new planning dates.

You can also send us any questions you have via the online contact form.

We can assure you that EPSO will add more information as and when it becomes available.

General measures applicable to:

  • computer-based tests in accredited test centres
  • remotely-proctored tests [1]

Even if in many EU Member States, COVID-19-related restrictions are being progressively relaxed, this is not yet the case everywhere.

Beginning of July 2021, EPSO introduced remotely-proctored computer-based tests for specific competitions. Remote test proctoring allows EPSO to progress faster with competition organisation. Remote test proctoring via our contractor Prometric’s ProProctor application enables candidates to sit the tests from any location while maintaining the integrity of the tests. Thus, it offers greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness and is also particularly relevant in the context of the current global situation, where attendance at test centres may present significant challenges due to public health measures such as travel restrictions and lockdowns in multiple countries, also entailing closure of test centres.

Details on the new test delivery system, the competitions concerned and the planning of tests are published on EPSO’s website.

With the introduction of remotely-proctored testing combined with classical testing in test centres, EPSO started the computer-based tests for the more recently published selection procedures allowing candidates to sit the tests choosing their preferred option. The indicative dates are published on the relevant webpages of these selection procedures

We inform you via the competition relevant page on our web site if this option is available for your test event and comprehensive and complete information is published well in advance of the testing date in your EPSO account.

If this option is offered, but you do not choose the remote proctoring option, you have the possibility to book a test in one of EPSO’s test centres worldwide. It is your responsibility to check if any travel or other restrictions apply or are likely to apply at the selected test centre, bearing in mind the current pandemic situation.

For candidates who chose to sit their test in one of the test centres, we continue to carefully follow the different rules and guidelines established in countries both in Europe and worldwide, as some countries have introduced different forms of lockdown. Inevitably, this has an impact on the availability of testing centres where, depending on the country, some centres may be open, while others are closed.

The list of test centres that are currently closed is regularly updated. If your test centre is not mentioned in the list of closed centres, this means that the tests will take place as foreseen. Please note that EPSO’s contractor complies with all safety and sanitary measures required in this difficult situation. All guidelines and instructions about safety procedures at test centres are available here.

Please read the information carefully before booking an appointment and check the instructions again before travelling for the test.

[1] A “proctor” is a supervisor, or a person who monitors candidates during a test. When taking a remotely-proctored test, candidates will be continuously monitored by live proctors using various monitoring tools. Candidates can reach out to the proctor if they have questions or in case of emergency.

Assessment Centre tests:

At the outset of the Covid-19 outbreak in March 2020, EPSO had to suspend all its Assessment Centre activities in Brussels and in Luxembourg and decided to organise the Assessment Centre tests in an online (remote) format instead.

Remote testing means that candidates sit the tests in their homes, offices etc. and do not need to travel to an EPSO location. Such testing takes place via a videoconferencing tool. All technical details are provided upfront, including the possibility to test the connection before the actual assessment day.

New competitions and selection procedures:

The indicative planning for new competitions until the end of this year is regularly updated. 

Now more than ever, we are looking forward to selecting committed and dedicated future colleagues to shape Europe together in these challenging times.

Please continue to take care of your own well-being, and that of your families and friends.