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Please note that, until further notice, the latest information given about COVID-19 will be updated primarily in English. The other language versions will be added gradually.

NEW – updated 24/07/2020:

EPSO is constantly monitoring the evolution of the coronavirus COVID-19. As the situation currently stands, EPSO is organising tests that will take place from September onwards.

Of course, due to the possible unpredictability of the situation, EPSO is still following all precautionary and appropriate measures in line with the instructions and guidelines provided by the EU institutions and national authorities. In the meantime, if you are a candidate participating in an ongoing selection procedure, please check your EPSO account and the EPSO website on a regular basis. You can also send us your questions as usual via the online contact form.

Computer-based tests:

EPSO has already started resuming computer-based testing for different selection procedures, in collaboration with its contractor Prometric. This takes into account the different rules in place in the Member States and third countries but also the differing re-opening times, social distancing and hygiene measures.

All guidelines and instructions about safety procedures at Prometric test centres are available here. It is essential to read them carefully before booking an appointment.
As indicated in the guidelines, you need to bring and wear a mask during the entirety of the time at the test centre. Both medical masks and cloth face coverings are acceptable. If you come to the test centre without a mask, you will not be allowed to sit your test and you will not be eligible for rescheduling.

Please bear in mind that in the circumstances additional measures may be implemented at the test centres - for instance, you may be required to have your temperature measured by an electronic contactless thermometer by the test centre staff.

EPSO’s website has been updated accordingly. More information will be added as it becomes available. 

Assessment Centre tests in Brussels and Luxembourg:

At the outset of the Covid-19 outbreak in March, EPSO had to suspend all its Assessment Centre activities in Brussels and in Luxembourg. The Assessment Centres of competitions EPSO/AD/372/19, EPSO/AD/373/19, EPSO/AD/374/19 are now planned to recommence after mid-September. The timelines of the different ongoing competitions’ pages are being revised and amended in due time according to new planning dates.

Safety measures and instructions for candidates have now been established. Physical distancing will be ensured, and hand sanitizers and masks will be provided. The detailed measures are available on our web site and  updated as necessary. You should check them regularly and definitely before coming to the Assessment centre. Similar safety measures for the Assessment Centres in Luxembourg will be adopted and communicated in due time.

EPSO has already sent the invitations to those candidates of the competition EPSO/AD/374/19 who have not yet taken their Assessment Centre tests. If you are a candidate in another competition, you will receive an invitation for a new date 3 weeks in advance, to allow you sufficient time for travel arrangements.

In the meantime, please check your EPSO account regularly for updates during the summer months.

If you have already attended your Assessment Centre, you will not be invited again.

Selection procedure CAST/P (CAST Permanent):

The CAST Permanent testing procedures were significantly disrupted by the Coronavirus crisis. EPSO is aware that some of the candidates invited for tests in June - July 2020 may not have been able to book and/or sit the test due to the continuing effects of covid-19 pandemic.

If you are one of those candidates, please note that you will be invited to a future test. You do not need to contact EPSO individually or take any action. By the end of August, you will receive an email confirmation to the address indicated in your EPSO account.

The re-invitation to a future test is a measure that EPSO has taken to mitigate the effect of covid-19 pandemic on the candidates, and to ensure equal opportunities to the extent possible in the current circumstances.

The new indicative dates for the next testing periods have already been published on the web pages of the different CAST/P profiles.

New competitions and selection procedures:

We have now updated our indicative planning for new competitions on our website, which we ask you to consult.  Now more than ever, we are looking forward to selecting committed and dedicated future colleagues to shape Europe together in these challenging times.

Please continue to take care of your own well-being, and that of your families and friends.