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The European Commission is currently looking for drivers for its Brussels and Luxembourg premises. This opportunity will allow successful candidates to work directly for the European Commission’s Offices for Infrastructure and Logistics in Brussels (OIB) or in Luxembourg (OIL).

As a driver (Contract Staff, Function Group I), your main tasks will be to drive the Members of the Commission and its officials mainly in Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg as well as in other Member States and to drive visitors belonging to the diplomatic corps and VIPs. Additionally, you will transport sensitive/confidential mail (round of Embassies) and ensure the proper use of the vehicle, including maintenance and technological tools, as well as the safety of persons and goods during transportation, and compliance with the country’s Highway code.

For more information on the duties and the minimum requirements in terms of professional experience, please consult OIB's information for the vacancies in Brussels and OIL's information for the vacancies in Luxembourg.

Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria are requested to apply using the following link: EPSO/CAST/P/18/2017.

Following the completion of the CAST application, candidates should express their interest by sending an email to the following email addresses: (for Brussels) and (for Luxembourg) and indicate their candidate number.

As an employer, the EU offers a community of expertise with a wide range of opportunities to broaden your learning, enhance your skills, and develop your career. The multicultural, international and diverse teams that make up the Institutions work together to benefit the lives of approximately 450 million EU citizens and beyond. Respect for cultural diversity and promotion of equal opportunities are founding principles of the EU. OIB and OIL apply an equal opportunities policy.