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EPSO Diversity survey

EPSO, the European Personnel Selection Office for the EU Institutions, strives to increase the diversity of its talent pool and thus help the EU Civil Service be fully representative of the diversity of the EU citizens it serves. Therefore, it launched a pilot diversity survey to better understand the diversity of the existing candidate pool and improve its outreach to future potential candidates.

This survey was sent to a candidate population of past and closed competitions between 2018 and 2020 during the first week of February 2021, and participation was on a voluntary basis. The survey was entirely anonymous and in line with current data protection requirements. The data collected through the survey will solely be used for the purpose of statistical analysis of the diversity of the candidate pool.

Enhancing social acceptance, fighting prejudice and promoting the benefits of diversity in an increasingly diverse society are amongst the key objectives of the EU. It is indeed recognised that equality and diversity can help Europe in meeting todays’ challenges by reinforcing participation in labour markets and ensuring that everyone in society can make the most of their respective talents.

EPSO ensures equal opportunities in its selection procedures and access to all candidates regardless of their background. It respects inclusion in its selections and provides all candidates with an equal opportunity to fully demonstrate their competencies by identifying and eliminating potential blocking factors, possible biases and any other risks of discrimination. The pilot survey will help refine EPSO’s activities aimed at improving the attractiveness of an EU career to all EU citizens.

Find the results of the survey here.

Post date : 05/02/2021 - 10:49
Update date : 05/05/2022 - 20:02