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EPSOs statement about the T-124/13 and T-191/13 judgment


  • As promised in our previous updates of 25 September and 21 October, EPSO would like to inform you of the latest state of play following the recent judgment of the General Court in cases T-124/13 and T-191/1 on the language regime for open competitions.
  • As stated previously, the rights of successful candidates in the three competitions concerned and all other competitions completed before the judgement are unaffected.
  • Similarly, unsuccessful candidates have no new right of appeal as a result of this judgement and should refrain from submitting an appeal on this basis as EPSO is unable to give a positive reply.
  • Competitions that are currently on-going will continue as normal.
  • The publication of competitions is suspended until further notice, while EPSO and the institutions put in place modified arrangements which take account of the judgement.
  • No firm date can be given at this stage for completing this work but it is hoped that EPSO will re-start the publication of open competitions in the coming months.
  • EPSO will provide further information as soon as it is available.