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Final results (EPSO/AD/310/15)

Curators/Museum Educators/Conservators (m/f)

1. Curator
2. Museum educator
3. Conservator — conservation and collection manager

Publication of assessment center and final competition results in the candidates’ EPSO accounts: 30/06/2016

Number of candidates on the reserve list:
1 – Curator                            20
2 – Museum educator           15
3 – Conservator                    5

Minimum score:
1 – Curator                            61.100
2 – Museum educator           71.587
3 – Conservator                    none

The reserve list will be published in the Official Journal around a month after the publication of the final competition results in the candidates' EPSO accounts. The link will be published in our pages.

Full information on this competition is available here.

Please check your EPSO account at least twice a week.FR

Conservateurs, médiateurs culturels et gestionnaires de collection et de conservation (H/F)