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The competitions will be run for 4 languages: English (EN) (EPSO/AST113/11) Italian (IT)  (EPSO/AST/114/11) Maltese (MT) (EPSO/AST/115/11) Swedish (SV)  EPSO/AST/116/11) Candidates should have a perfect command, both written and spoken, of the language of the competition (mother tongue or equivalent knowledge). Detailed information – including job profile, nature of duties, academic requirements, professional experience, linguistic knowledge, admission and testing conditions – is given in the Notice of competition, published in the Official Journal of the European Union (C 147 A) and on this website on 18 May 2011. Applications open: 18 May 2011 Applications close: midday (Brussels time – CEST) on 21 June 2011 Application process: You can apply for this open competition online through this website. Official Journal: C 147A Guide to open competitions How to Apply EPSO/AST/113/11 Language editors with English as their main language (EN)   433 validated applications EPSO/AST/114/11  Language editors with Italien as their main language (IT)  1.231 validated applications EPSO/AST/115/11  Language editors with Maltese as their main language (MT)  53 validated applications EPSO/AST/116/11  Language editors with Swedish as their main language (SV)  48 validated applications  EPSO/AST/115/11 – LANGUAGE EDITORS WITH MALTESE AS THEIR MAIN LANGUAGE (MT) Publication of invitations to the Assessment phase:  2 May 2012: 14 candidates invited Assessment phase: 29 May to 1 June 2012 EPSO/AST/116/11 – LANGUAGE EDITORS WITH SWEDISH AS THEIR MAIN LANGUAGE (SV) Publication of invitations to the Assessment phase:  2 May 2012: 12 candidates invited Assessment phase: 4 to 6 June 2012   If you need more general information on our selection procedures, please have a look at the FAQs (access via the bar above).   If you cannot find an answer to your question in any of our pages, please contact us via our online web form where you should select the subject title “Ongoing competitions”.