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Contract staff members in the area of surveillance and prevention — Function Group I (FG I)

Following on from the process of creating an in-house security service already undertaken in Brussels and Strasbourg, the European Parliament is now preparing to recruit security staff for its Luxembourg premises. As part of this exercise, the European Parliament aims to employ a considerable number of experienced staff in the area of security in Luxembourg.

This opportunity will allow successful candidates to work directly for the European Parliament’s Directorate- General for Security and Safety (DG SAFE).

Luxembourg offers a family-friendly environment that includes access to the institutions’ nursery facilities and the European School.

The contract will initially be for a one-year period and may be renewed for a further year. If the contract is renewed for a second time, it may be for an indefinite period. After the first two years of employment, the recruited agents will also be eligible for advancement within the FG 1 category.

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