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Are you a talented specialist in law or finance? The European Commission is currently looking for specialists (AD 7) in the following fields:

  1. Competition law
  2. Financial law
  3. Economic and Monetary Union Law
  4. Financial rules applicable to the EU budget
  5. Protection of euro coins against counterfeiting.

In the three fields of law, the tasks comprise conducting market investigations, carrying out legal and economic analyses and assisting or representing the legal service of the European Commission in litigation before the Courts of the European Union (field 1). Duties include drafting and negotiating legislation, controlling the conformity of national laws with EU law (field 2), as well as participating in preparing the convergence report for euro area entry processes and the EU accessions negotiations with regard to Economic and Monetary Union (field 3).

In the two fields of finance, tasks include advising the Commission departments, the EU institutions and bodies on the implementation and interpretation of the Financial Regulation (field 4). You may conduct technical analysis of suspect coins, prepare intelligence on euro coin counterfeits for law enforcement, and facilitate the implementation of EU legislation in protection of the euro against fraud and counterfeiting (field 5).

As an employer, the Institutions and Agencies of the EU offer a community of expertise with a wide range of opportunities to broaden your learning, enhance your skills, and develop your career. Respect for cultural diversity and promotion of equal opportunities are founding principles of the EU and the European Personnel Selection Office endeavours to apply equal opportunities, treatment and access to all candidates. You can find out more about our equal opportunities policy and how to request special adjustments for selection tests on our dedicated page.

Don't miss this great career opportunity – the application period opens on 6 June!


Do you have what it takes to apply?

You must be an EU citizen and have a thorough knowledge of one of the 24 EU languages, as well as a satisfactory knowledge of either English, French, German, or Italian.

Additionally, you need a university degree of at least 3 years followed by 6–9 years of professional experience in the field (depending on your education). You require a diploma in law to apply for the fields of financial law and economic and monetary union law.

For detailed information on requirements, please read the Notice of Competition published on 6 June 2019.


Overview of the selection procedure: 


Computer-based testing (CBT)

Talent Screener

Assessment Centre

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