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Zinaida Ankova, linguistic assistant for the Italian Translation Unit

I joined the European Commission 13 years ago, and I am currently based in Luxembourg. I am from Bratislava, Slovakia and since my childhood I was convinced that I would one day be working and living abroad.

Before passing a competition for assistants and joining the EC, I worked in different international organisations such as the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent in Hungary and Switzerland, United Nations in New York.

I am currently working at the Italian Translation Unit as a Linguist Assistant. Being Slovak of Hungarian origin, this perfectly matches the ‘’United in Diversity’’ slogan of the EU and I am proud of that.

The Directorate-General for Translation (DGT) is an attractive place to work, for both translators and assistants. An excellent knowledge of Italian (or any other EU language, depending on the language department) at a native speaker level is mandatory.

My everyday work consists of supporting the translation and terminology work of the unit and the department, handling translation requests, preparing translations and other language products, handling outsourced assignments, screening originals and pre-processing reports for references to background documents linked to translation, document alignments, checking their quality and correcting them, finalising documents from the point of view of typography and page-layout and maintaining translation project memories.

This kind of work, varied and exciting, keeps me mentally fit, challenged and gives no room for procrastination or boredom.  

EC and DGT offers to the newcomers numerous trainings that are remarkably well done, helping to quickly get familiar with job requirements. On top of these, I am very lucky that in my Unit I could benefit from an excellent coaching of my assigned mentors. My team and hierarchy provide support, recognition and daily contributes towards an outstanding working environment.

For me working for the EC, an organisation that represents the interest of 450 million EU citizens, is a huge responsibility, commitment and source of pride and personal satisfaction.

Linguistic assistant for the Italian Translation Unit at European Commission (Directorate-General for Translation)