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Oral presentation – assignment

By clicking on the link(s) below, you can find the assignment for the part of the “Oral presentation” exercise that relates to general competencies for the competition in reference.

During this part of the oral presentation, candidates are asked to present and answer questions concerning a fictitious work-related situation. Ahead of the remote assessment, the candidate is invited to consult, read and analyse all available versions of the online assignment and background information in order to prepare for the test. At the beginning of the test, the candidate will be told which version of the assignment to present.

For the remaining part(s) of the oral presentation which will measure your field-related competencies as well as your knowledge of European Union law, there is no assignment prior to the test and you will receive instructions on the day of the test.

For details about all tests included in the selection procedure, please check the relevant Notice of Competition.

For more information and test examples, please visit our “Sample tests” page.

Reference number: 
EPSO/AD/383/21, EPSO/AD/384/21, EPSO/AD/385/21, EPSO/AD/386/21, EPSO/AD/387/21, EPSO/AD/388/21