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Publication of final selection procedure results in the candidates’ EPSO accounts: 09/03/2020

Number of candidates on the list: 10

Minimum score: 120,5​

The list will be published on our website within approximately one month of the publication of the final selection procedure results in the candidates' EPSO accounts.

Post date: 12/03/2020 - 15:54

Publication of the invitation to the Assessment Centre in the candidates’ EPSO accounts: 16/09/2019

Approximate number of candidates invited to the assessment centre: 30

Minimum score needed to be admitted: 46​

Post date: 26/09/2019 - 15:57

You are reminded that the work and deliberations of all selection boards are confidential and it is forbidden for any person who is not a member of the board to make any attempt to contact a board member; only candidates exercising the rights of appeal which are open to them may (through EPSO), in writing and in accordance with the procedures set out in the General Rules governing open competitions, make their representations to the Chairperson of the selection board.


Bidoglio Giovanni

Alternate chairperson

Debille Godelieve

Thenner Birgitt

Collotte Pascal

Girardi, Riccardo


Agundez Ana

Aldave De Las Heras Laura

Annand Hugh

Barreiro Hurle Jesus

Bremier Stéphane

Bui huy Hien

Calenbuhr Vera

Cardoso De Jesus Ana Cristina

Cihlar Milan

Eloirdi Rachel

Eriksson Arne

Fatica Serena

Fortuny Guasch Joaquim

Kayitakire François

Kenny Robert

Kolodziejak Andreas

Kourti Naouma

Larcher Martin

Marin Ferrer Montserrat

Maschio Isabella

Mayer Klaus

Micale Fabio

Mubareka Sarah

Nardo Michela

Negro Paolo

Noel Marc

Pakalin, Sazan

Panagos Panos

Peinador Veira Miguel

Perrotta Domenico

Petracco Marco

Robertson Barry

Rosenbaum Eckehard

Saveyn Bert

Schade Burkhard

Simola Kaisa

Simoneau Catherine

Skouloudis Andreas

Steen Marc

Strobl Peter

Toth Katalin

Villanueva Alejandro

Wieladek Rafal

Wilhelmi Frank

Wilkening Heinz

Zagorowicz Klaudia

Alternate members


Post date: 24/09/2019 - 16:04

Publication of admission results in candidates’ EPSO accounts: 20/06/2019

Number of candidates invited to the Assessment phase: 30

Talent Screener – minimum score needed to be invited to the assessment phase: 46​

Post date: 20/06/2019 - 17:31

Publication of admission (first phase) results in candidates’ EPSO accounts: 23/05/2019

Number of candidates admitted to the next phase of admission (Talent screener): 289

Post date: 29/05/2019 - 12:33