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How do I book my computer-based tests?

You will be notified of the start and end dates of the booking period via your EPSO account/website. A link to the contractor's booking system will be active in your EPSO account only during this booking period.

You will be able to choose the date, time, country and test centre according to availability. Please note that not all test centres will show availability at all times. The capacity planning in the various test centres is based on the opening hours of each test centre, the number of available work stations, along with the number of candidates who have selected the centre in question.

A more limited range of testing dates will be offered in the case of certain tests (translation tests, e-tray). The case study and the written test in the field are in general organised on the same day for all candidates.

You can choose a different test centre from the one you indicated in your application form.

When the booking link is activated you will find on Prometric website, the list of available test centres (in all EU Member States and in the case of some procedures worldwide). If you do not schedule an appointment during the booking period your application will be considered withdrawn.

Please check your EPSO account regularly as you will not receive a notification email once the booking link is activated.

You must complete the booking procedure to the very last screen. If no confirmation number is generated and email received from the contractor, you have not completed the booking correctly.

All candidates are offered the same number of days in which to book a test, regardless of when they apply.

Please check the step-by-step screenshots of the booking procedure.