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What are the instructions for sitting the computer-based tests?

Please check the Notice of Competition or Call for Expression of Interest of your selection procedure for the number of questions, duration and pass marks for the tests.

Arrival at the test centre:

The address of the test centre is listed in the link in your booking confirmation. You can find this confirmation in your EPSO account once you have booked for the tests. You must arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment. Availability cannot be guaranteed if you are late or if you miss your appointment.
We would like to invite you to read our frequently asked question on What are the rules of conduct at the computer-based tests centres? before going to the test.

For multiple-choice question tests:

You will be offered the first available seat. If you arrive early, you may be given the option to sit your tests before your scheduled exam time. In the event of a delay exceeding 30 minutes due to circumstances beyond our contractors' control, for instance technical issues, you can ask the test centre to reschedule your appointment to another date.

For case study, written test in the field and translation tests:

The candidates are advised to allow for more time at the test centre in case of unexpected delays. Depending on the nature of the issue, the exam schedule may be impacted and could exceptionally result in delays of up to several hours. Further information will be given at the test centre itself if needed.

Identity check:

You must bring to the test centre:   

  • the printed booking confirmation from your EPSO account;
  • a valid document proving your identity, bearing a recent photo and signature, for example: your passport, national identity card, photographic driving licence, national/regional residence permit, military ID card.
  • If the photographic ID provided does not bear a signature, further proof of identity bearing a signature must be provided, such as: non-photographic driving licence, bank card/credit card.

Your personal details on the above-mentioned documents must be identical to those in your EPSO account.

Starting the tests:

Please note that you cannot request a change of the workstation allocated to you.

Once your test is launched, you will be asked to confirm your name. If the test is not in your name, press “No” and notify an invigilator immediately.
All instructions in the tests, including the tutorial, introductory screens, and survey will normally be in your second language. This may vary for linguist competitions.
You will take the tests in the languages selected in your application form. You can check this in your EPSO account. Please note that the language options cannot be changed once the application form has been submitted. 
Each work station will have the following equipment: 

  • a note board
  • a marker pen
  • a right-handed mouse
  • ONLY FOR tests of CAST/P selection procedures: a handheld calculator with basic functions (pictured below or similar, depending on the location of your test centre). As simplified calculators are in use, calculator instructions will not be provided anymore. It is your responsibility to ensure that the calculator works (including clearing the memory) before starting the tests.
  • an on-screen calculator (see picture 4 below), if taking numerical tests
  • disposable earplugs (on request)
  • ear defenders, which are placed over the partitions between work stations, or on request.

​ Please check that all items work before starting your tests. If you require any assistance during the tests, please alert an invigilator by raising your hand.


Calculator picture


Calculator picture


Calculator picture


Calculator picture


Before you start the tests there will be a 5 or 10-minute tutorial (depending on the type of test) on navigating and answering the tests.
As the test environment and navigation within the exam are explained in detail in the tutorial, candidates are deemed to be aware of these functions and as such no complaints in this regard will be accepted by EPSO.
For some questions you may have to scroll down to see the whole question and all answers. Once you have finished the tutorial press "END" to start the test.

Breaks and ending the tests:

You should complete all the tests.
There may be an optional break at a specific point during the tests. The exact timing will be communicated in the invitation letter.
Please ensure that you do not inadvertently end your break (by clicking on the 'END' button) as this will trigger the start of the next test.
If you leave the test room at any other time during the tests (unscheduled break) no extra time will be added.
In the case of certain tests if you wish to finish earlier you may leave the room in silence after notifying an invigilator.
You must sign in and out each time you enter and leave the test room.


At the end of the tests (with the exception of the e-tray), you will be asked to complete a 5-minutes optional survey relating to your testing experience. This section is not to be used to make comments/observations on technical issues or requests for neutralisation of questions (please see relevant FAQs). The survey is not scored.

After the tests:

You can request an attendance certificate at the test centre at the end of the tests.
The test results are not given at the test centres.
After the testing window has closed the results are processed by Prometric, sent to EPSO and approved by the Selection Board at a dedicated meeting. This procedure can typically take a number of weeks.
The testing period may be extended should the need arise.