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How will candidates be selected in the CAST Permanent selection procedure?

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Submitting an application in CAST Permanent selection procedure does not in itself mean that you will be invited to sit the tests. Only those candidates shortlisted by the recruiting services will be invited to sit the selection tests if and when a need arises.

The selection process consists of the following steps:

  1. Candidates complete and validate their application(s) and update them at least every six months to confirm their interest and to remain visible in the database.
  2. When a need arises, the recruiting services pre-select (shortlist) from the database of all validated and visible applications a number of candidates whose profiles best fit the requirements of the services.
  3. Pre-selected (shortlisted) candidates are invited to the selection tests organised by EPSO. These are computer-based multiple-choice question tests, organised in test centres worldwide.
  4. Candidates who pass the selection tests, will be invited to recruitment tests organised by the recruiting services. Such tests may comprise an interview and other forms of evaluation.
  5. Candidates who are successful at the recruitment tests, may receive an offer of employment.