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What happens if I pass the selection tests?

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If you pass the selection tests (you must obtain the minimum pass mark in each test as specified in the call), you will be invited for an interview by the recruiting service.

The validity of the results (from the date when the results have been published in your EPSO Account) is following:

  • reasoning tests for 10 years
  • competency test for 5 years

The results are always valid for the profile and competency area in which you were tested and also to any lower function group.

Example: You pass both the reasoning and the competency tests for the Profile Law FGIV.

These results will be valid for Profile Law FGIV and also for any lower function group within the Law profile, in this case FGIII.

That means you might receive invitations for interview for vacancies in both Function groups, III and IV.

However, should you pass the tests for Profile Law FGIII, these will not be valid for any higher FG, in this case for FGIV.