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What happens if I pass the selection tests, but not the recruitment tests?

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The recruiting services may invite several candidates for an interview (and possibly other tests) for each vacant position. It is up to the recruiting services to provide the feedback on the outcome of the interview (and other tests if applicable).

However, should you not be successful on that occasion, your selection test results will remain valid (*), counting from the date when they are published in your EPSO Account, for:

  • 10 years (reasoning tests)
  • 5 years (competency tests)
  • 5 years (language comprehension tests)

Recruiting services may again pre-select (shortlist) and invite you for an interview (and for other tests). 

Don’t forget to update your application(s) at least every six months if you wish to remain visible to the recruiting services.


(*) This only applies to CAST/P procedures. Note that your tests results in the CAST/P selection procedure are not valid for other selection procedures.