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There was a problem with one of my Multiple-Choice-questions, what can I do?

Should you have a serious doubt about the content of a test question, please contact us only via the EPSO website (Candidate Contact Service) within 3 calendar days of the date of your computer-based tests, by describing what the question was about (content) in order to identify the question(s) concerned and explain the nature of the alleged error as clearly as possible. Please also mention your candidate number (see the respective Annex of the Notice of competition).

If an identified question does not comply with EPSO´s strict quality criteria despite thorough quality controls in place, the corrective measures are as follows:

  • The question will be corrected or taken out of the database
  • The question will be cancelled (“neutralised”) and the points are redistributed among the remaining questions of the test
  • If neutralisation is applied, you will see it reflected in the detailed results, marked with an “N” for neutralisation.