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I think i should have been admitted on the basis of my qualifications and/or my professional experience

Question categories:

Your personal conviction as to how your own qualifications/experience should have been evaluated is subjective and cannot replace the Selection Board's assessment. It does not constitute irrefutable evidence of manifest error committed by the Board.

The Selection Board's evaluation criteria usually include a list of what it considers to be relevant with regard to subjects studied, diplomas obtained, the level of the diploma, the relevance, level and duration of the work experience. 

Different elements can explain the Selection Board's decision to exclude you based on the pre-established selection criteria:               

  • Your diploma is not sufficiently related to the field of the competition
  • Your diploma is not of the right level/duration
  • Your experience is not sufficiently related to the field 
  • Your experience in the field is too short
  • You have insufficient relevant experience since obtaining the diploma requested for this competition