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How is EU knowledge and motivation tested?

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Commitment to Europe remains a major factor in attracting and selecting future staff. EU knowledge and motivation to work for the EU are tested at different stages during the selections procedure:
  • via the online self-selection tool which candidates complete before they submit their application;
  • in the application form where candidates declare any EU-related studies or professional experience and describe their motivation to work for the EU;
  • during the Assessment Centre tests which are based on real-life EU institution work scenarios. These scenarios are devised by EU officials and based on real-life situations. They require a deeper understanding of what the institutions do, their roles and how they work together;
  • also during the Assessment Centre, candidates taking part in a Graduate Administrator Competition go through a EU motivational interview where they are asked questions on topics such as: the origin of the interest to work for the EU, the awareness about and commitment to EU values, the understanding of present and future challenges of the EU, the expectations regarding an EU career, knowledge of the EU and its origins, of the EU institutions and of the main EU policies.