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What are the competencies candidates must demonstrate during the competition tests?

The institutions are looking for candidates who are talented, motivated, and who can demonstrate the following general competencies:

  • Analysis and Problem Solving: Identify the critical facts in complex issues and develop creative and practical solutions
  • Communicating: Communicate clearly and precisely both orally and in writing
  • Delivering Quality and Results: Take personal responsibility and initiative for delivering work to a high standard of quality within set procedures
  • Learning and Development: Develop and improve personal skills and knowledge of the organisation and its environment
  • Prioritising and Organising: Prioritise the most important tasks, work flexibly and organise own workload efficiently
  • Resilience: Remain effective under a heavy workload, handle organisational frustrations positively and adapt to a changing work environment
  • Working with Others: Work cooperatively with others in teams and across organisational boundaries and respect differences between people
  • Leadership (for administrators only): Manage, develop and motivate people to achieve results

In addition, for the more specialised profiles, the institutions are looking for candidates that are highly qualified in their field. Information on the field-related competencies, as well as the tests evaluating both the general and field-related competencies, can be found in the Notice of competition.

EPSO is planning to use a new competency framework as of 2023. You can learn more about it here.