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Which keyboard will I use at my computer-based tests?

For multiple-choice question (MCQ) tests (including the e-tray tests), you don't need a keyboard.

For tests which require the use of a keyboard, further information will be given in the invitation letter. For the case study, the written test in the field and the translation test, you will be allocated by default a keyboard corresponding to the language in which you will type your text  (if you have to type in English, you will receive QWERTY UK keyboard, if you have to type in German, you will receive QWERTZ DE keyboard… etc.).

To view the keyboard layouts please click here.

It is not possible to request an alternative keyboard. Only for specific languages (BG and NL) you will be requested to select your preferred keyboard variation available for these languages.  

Please ensure before starting the test that you have been allocated the correct keyboard.