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How should I upload / link my supporting documents?

The day before your assessment centre tests at the latest, you must provide scanned copies of your relevant documents, supporting the information in your application form. These need to be:

A. uploaded to your EPSO account,
B. linked to your application form.

Details on the supporting documents to be uploaded can be found in the general rules governing open competitions attached to the notice of competition.

A. Upload documents to your EPSO account

Please first upload the scanned copies of your documents to your EPSO account by clicking the "Upload supporting documents" button available in your EPSO account.

Your relevant supporting documents may be related to one of the following 4 categories:

  1. national identity card or passport,
  2. education and training,
  3. professional experience,
  4. other documents.

You can upload up to 20 files for categories 1, 2 and 4 and up to 50 files for category 3 (2MB max. per file).

The documents must be PDF, TIFF or JPG. No other file formats are supported.

Consider renaming your document in case of an error message: use only one dot (.) before the file extension (pdf, tiff, jpg) and avoid special characters (_-/ etc.) or blank spaces in the file name. 

You can view a previously uploaded document by clicking on the Display icon (eye shaped) and you can delete a document by clicking on the waste bin icon. You can only delete a document that is not yet or no longer linked to an application.

B. Link documents to your application

Once you have uploaded your documents to your EPSO account, you must link the relevant ones to your application by clicking the button "Link supporting documents" available next to each application in the "Application(s)" tab of your EPSO account.

By clicking the button "Link supporting documents" you access the list of supporting documents uploaded to your EPSO account. The documents are grouped by "File type" (4 categories) and ordered alphabetically under "Display name". You may execute the following actions:

  1. Display (view) the document (eye shaped),
  2. Link the document (chain shaped),
  3. Unlink all documents (All on top)
  4. Unlink the document (broken chain shaped).

Once you have executed the necessary actions, clicking the “Back” button will bring you back to the previous screen.

Supporting documents will not be transferred to the recruiting services.