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In progress

Here you can find updated information (timetables, related documents, etc.) about ongoing selection procedures managed by EPSO. 

Job title Reference Number
Experts - Anti-fraud investigations and operations in the field of customs and trade, tobacco and counterfeit goods EPSO/AD/394/21 - 2 (AD 9)
Administrators in digital forensics EPSO/AD/395/21 - 1
Administrators in operational and strategic analysis EPSO/AD/395/21 - 2
Laboratory support workers EPSO/AST-SC/11/21
Audiovisual and conference technicians EPSO/AST/150/21 - 1
Building technicians EPSO/AST/150/21 - 2
Laboratory technicians EPSO/AST/150/21 - 3
Administrators in the field of Data Protection EPSO/AD/393/21
Administrators in policymaking and law-making in the field of health EPSO/AD/392/21 - 1
Administrators in policymaking and law-making in the field of food safety EPSO/AD/392/21 - 2
Administrators in auditing, inspection and evaluation in the field of health and food safety EPSO/AD/392/21 - 3
Experts in technical support to Member States’ Structural Reforms EPSO/AD/391/21 - 1
Experts in the Schengen acquis EPSO/AD/391/21 - 2
Administrators in the field of Chemicals Policy EPSO/AD/390/21
Proofreaders/language editors - Greek (EL) EPSO/AST/148/21 - EL
Proofreaders/language editors - Spanish (ES) EPSO/AST/148/21 - ES
Proofreaders/language editors - Estonian (ET) EPSO/AST/148/21 - ET
Proofreaders/language editors - Irish (GA) EPSO/AST/148/21 - GA
Proofreaders/language editors - Italian (IT) EPSO/AST/148/21 - IT
Proofreaders/language editors - Portuguese (PT) EPSO/AST/148/21 - PT
Bulgarian-Language (BG) Lawyer-Linguists EPSO/AD/383/21
Czech-Language (CS) Lawyer-Linguists EPSO/AD/384/21
French-Language (FR) Lawyer-Linguists EPSO/AD/385/21
Hungarian-Language (HU) Lawyer-Linguists EPSO/AD/387/21
Polish-Language (PL) Lawyer-Linguists EPSO/AD/388/21
Danish-language translators COM/TA/AD/01/21
German-language translators COM/TA/AD/02/21
Swedish-language translators COM/TA/AD/04/21
Administrators in the field of external relations EPSO/AD/382/20 - AD5
Administrators in the field of external relations EPSO/AD/382/20 - AD7
Secretaries EPSO/AST-SC/10/20 - SC 1
Secretaries EPSO/AST-SC/10/20 - SC 2
Greek-Language (EL) Lawyer-Linguists EPSO/AD/376/20
French-Language (FR) Lawyer-Linguists EPSO/AD/377/20
Polish-Language (PL) Lawyer-Linguists EPSO/AD/379/20