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Invitation to the Situational Competency based Interview (SCBI)

EPSO is prioritising the finalisation of EPSO/AD/374/19 in the best possible conditions.

Due to the large number of SCBI interviews to be scheduled in the coming weeks, invitations for these interviews may not be published in the EPSO accounts of all candidates at the same time, but in batches.

EPSO will guarantee that all candidates receive their invitation to the interview at least 7 days before the interview itself. The SCBI assignment will be published on the web site and accessible to everyone from 20 November.

Reference number: 
EPSO/AD/374/19 - 1, EPSO/AD/374/19 - 2, EPSO/AD/374/19 - 3, EPSO/AD/374/19 - 4, EPSO/AD/374/19 - 5

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10/12/2020 - 08:47