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Members of the selection board

You are reminded that the work and deliberations of all selection boards are confidential and it is forbidden for any person who is not a member of the board to make any attempt to contact a board member; only candidates exercising the rights of appeal which are open to them may (through EPSO), in writing and in accordance with the procedures set out in the General Rules governing open competitions, make their representations to the Chairperson of the selection board.


Beersing Sunil

Alternate chairperson

Dalpozzo Luca
De Sousa Conceiçao, Isabel
Fehr Hendrik
Saliba, Paul


Demarche Xavier
Milne Leslie
Mardare Maria
Kleinsasser Christine
De Boom Patrick
Anthis Stamatios
Scheinerova Zuzana
Mortka Justyna
Aso Patricie 
Bossière Philippe
Roest Jan 
Fischer-Lippold Silke
Martinez Cuesta Luis Eduardo
Gery Erwan 
Swartjes Willy
Baum Oliver
Pacala Liviu 
Theodoridis Nicolaos

Alternate members

Adovica Iveta
Gogolewska Jowita 
Sapundzhiev Stefan
Cerchez Marius
Millot Pascal
Moreno De Tejada Angel 
De Miguel Rodriguez Francisco Xavier
Becker Michael
Petkova Svetozara 
Mylona Polyxeni
Jacobi Tobias
Wolff Pascal
Karcher Franz 
Ligaj Piotr 
Kefallinos Dionysios
Lauwers Szilvia 
Coletta Bauer, Maria Grazia
Schifano Giuseppe
Passalacqua Roberto
Kozak Dariusz
Cihlar Milan
Uhrikova Dominika

Reference number: 
EPSO/AD/372/19 - AD 5, EPSO/AD/372/19 - AD 7

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06/04/2021 - 14:10