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Hakim E. – Head of Administration at the EU Delegation to Iraq

Picture of Hakim

What is the role of a HoA in an EU Delegation?

The job of Head of Administration in an EU Delegation is definitely the most diverse job I have seen in the EU institutions. As a Head of Administration, you are in the epicentre of the delegation, you are the one who can make things happen. In one sentence, I would say that the role of a Head of Administration is to provide all the means the colleagues need to perform their duties.

What is the most satisfying part of your job? 

The most satisfying part of my job is grateful colleagues thanking you for having made things possible. As a Head of Administration, you are aware of everything inside the delegation.

Why should people apply to work for the EU and in particular for the job of Head of Administration in an EU Delegation ?

Being part of the staff representing the EU abroad is a real chance. The Head of Administration position is certainly one of those positions abroad where interactions with the local population and administration is the highest. It gives you a real understanding of the functioning of the country where you are posted.

What is it like to  be posted in EU Delegations ?

In a posting like Iraq, you live and work at the delegation, which is very particular. There is no routine here, as you can start the work with fixing issues related to the IT servers and ending the day with a representation assignment at a minister’s residence.

How do you see the frequent rotation and opportunities for professional growth in EU Delegations/in the EEAS?

Each rotation is the start of a new journey and adventure. I am truly grateful for being able to evolve in such a rich environment full of motivated and skilled people.

What are the advantages of working in a diverse environment like the one of EU Delegations?

Diversity of cultures and experiences is a real source of enrichment. There is not a single day when you do not discover something new about the hosting culture, or even about the EU, through other expatriate colleagues.

What do you find difficult in turn?

Expatriation in a hardship positing like Iraq is certainly full of challenges, which allow you to discover new potential deep inside you but it comes with the price of living far away from friends and family and that is sometimes difficult.