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Sarah G., Prevention Advisor for the European Commission

Picture of Sarah

“I joined the European Commission’s Internal Service for Prevention and Protection at Work (ISPP) in Brussels, in early 2022, but have been working for the Commission for nearly 30 years! I started as a secretary but then passed an Assistant competition in the field of human resources. Since then, I have continued to learn and grow in my career, in line with my centres of interest, namely, people and the environment. In my previous job, I was an occupational health and safety (OHS) auditor but fancied I needed a more practical approach involving more field work. I wanted to contribute to ensuring that my colleagues stay healthy and safe whilst at work, in practical terms.

Back in 2018, I completed successfully a training course as Prevention Advisor (‘Conseiller en Prévention niveau 2’ – Belgium) which gave me a more in-depth insight as to the various fields related to prevention and protection at the workplace. Along with my colleagues, I’m expected to carry out OHS risk assessments, develop prevention measures, advise on fire prevention, psychosocial risk management, ergonomics, the use of equipment and substances and contribute to wellbeing at work in general, to name but a few of my interesting and challenging tasks.

In my job, there are never two days that are the same: I can be drafting procedures in the morning and carrying out an annual fire drill in the afternoon! I work in a wonderful and friendly team and was made welcome from day one. We look out for each other and Commission services trust and seek our expertise.

There is an interinstitutional network of OHS services to exchange on best practices and keep us up to date with latest developments or threats to people’s health and safety at work. Given the recent consequences of the pandemic and the new ways of working, occupational wellbeing is high on the agenda and plenty of challenges lie ahead. So apply for this competition and be part of the change for the better!”