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Vicente R. – Head of Administration at the EU Delegation to Honduras

Picture of Vicente

What is the role of a HoA in an EU Delegation?

The job of Head of Administration is probably one of the most multifunctional ones within an EU Delegation. The Head of Administration manages and coordinates all administrative, HR, security and other key areas in the work of a delegation. In real practice, the role of the Head of Administration is to ensure that everything in the delegation works correctly, to support the technical work of the rest of the colleagues in the delegation, with special emphasis on the work of the Head of Delegation.

Why should people apply to work for the EU and in particular for the job of Head of Administration in an EU Delegation?

It is a fascinating job, which encompasses very different functions, and which is the basis for the proper functioning of an EU Delegation. Without the engine that is the administration section working properly, a delegation cannot function properly. It is a real challenge, and a very rewarding job.

How do you see the frequent rotation and opportunities for professional growth in EU Delegations/in the EEAS?

It is very interesting to have several alternatives to be able to grow within the EEAS, both professionally and personally, in different functions and/or countries. Each rotation represents personal and professional growth (including for our families) and a challenge.

What are the advantages of working in a diverse environment like the one of EU Delegations?

Allowing you to enrich yourself with the experience of people of different nationalities, residing in other countries of the world with cultural values ​​and ways of thinking different from Europeans, but at the same time, being able to share the values ​​that make the EU a bastion of democracy, human rights and international cooperation.

What do you find difficult in turn?

Having to solve situations that are not always common at a European level (heavy bureaucracy, different cultural behaviours), and being able to adapt to them, is a challenge, which is none other than getting out of your comfort zone.

What is it like to  be posted in EU Delegations ?

It is a very enriching experience, both professionally and personally, and every day is a challenge.