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Ville is a legal officer at the European Commission in Brussels since 2013 and has been blind since birth. We asked him how he found the selection process and how he feels at his job in the European Commission.

"I found the service of the Accessibility Team very competent and well-organised. Having received my registration, they came up with suggested arrangements to enable my participation in the first round of the competition on an equal footing as a blind candidate and I found these very appropriate and fit for purpose. This good cooperation from their part continued throughout the competition, including the Assessment Centre phase. For me, a very positive surprise was that almost all documents are in a digital form since all correspondence sent and received is registered in electronic databases. Therefore, as a screen reader user, I spend practically no time scanning paper documents to the computer as I had to do in my previous jobs. I feel fully integrated thanks to the wonderful attitude of my colleagues and superiors."

Ville also gives his advice to other candidates with special needs applying for an EU Career.

"Show your motivation. If you have a disability, try to think about this from the employer's point of view. Be prepared for questions on this subject and think in advance about reasonable solutions to any special needs this might cause in the specific job context. Remain patient. Take each application and interview as a learning opportunity even if you were not chosen. Concentrate on competencies rather than the special needs themselves."