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Traineeships (technical profiles)

Open for application
17/08/2022 12:00
Paris (France)

The EBA offers paid traineeships for recent graduates with the aim to provide them with a unique and first-hand experience of the workings of the EBA, an understanding of the objectives including goals of financial regulation and oversight generally, and specifically of the objectives of the EBA.

The selected trainees will have the opportunity to develop expertise in the areas of Data Analytics and Transparency, Prudential Regulation and Supervision, Innovation, Conduct and Consumers, Economic and Risk Analysis, Governance and External Affairs, Legal and Compliance. They will contribute to the everyday work of the Authority and learn about the EU Agencies’ working environment while enjoying an exciting life in Paris.

The 2022 call for trainees includes six profiles in the core business areas:

  • Assistance to the Data Analytics, Reporting and Transparency (DART) Department – Profile ref: TR TECH 2022/DART
  • Assistance to the Prudential Regulation and Supervisory Policy (PRSP) Department – Profile ref: TR TECH 2022/PRSP
  • Assistance to the Innovation, Conduct and Consumers (ICC) Department – Profile ref: TR TECH 2022/ICC
  • Assistance to the Economic and Risk Analysis (ERA) Department – Profile ref: TR TECH 2022/ERA
  • Assistance to the Governance and External Affairs (GEA) Unit – Profile ref: TR TECH 2022/GEA
  • Assistance to the Legal and Compliance (LC) Unit – Profile ref: TR TECH 2022/LC

Who can apply: Recent graduates

Duration: Traineeship at the EBA is offered for an initial period of 6 (six) months and can be extended for a further period of up to 12 (twelve) months, not exceeding a total duration of 18 (eighteen) months

Paid: in accordance with the EBA Traineeship Decision (available on the EBA website)

Starting Dates: various