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How will candidates be selected in the CAST Permanent selection procedure?

The CAST Permanent (see more information) selection process is different from Competitions. The main difference is that only a limited number of pre-selected candidates will be tested. Submitting an application does not mean that you will automatically be invited to sit the computer-based tests. Only candidates shortlisted by the recruiters will be invited to sit the selection tests when a vacancy arises. That means that you may never be contacted.

The selection process is fast and efficient:

  1. Complete and validate your application/s and don’t forget to update it every six months to confirm your on-going interest, regardless of your test status (i.e. passed or not).
  2. When a vacancy arises, the recruiting services select and shortlist from the database of all validated (and regularly updated, thus visible) applications a number of candidates whose profiles (based on the information in their application/s) best fit the evaluation criteria/ requirements of the services.
  3. Shortlisted candidates are invited to the selection tests organised by EPSO. In the form of computer-based multiple choice question tests (CBT), which are organised in test centres worldwide.
  4. If you pass the selection tests, you will be invited to recruitment tests organised by the recruiting services. Such tests will comprise an interview and optional other forms of evaluation.
  5. If you are successful at the recruitment tests, the recruiting service may make an offer of employment.

If you passed the selection tests organised by EPSO but did not receive a job offer, you do not need to re-sit the computer-based tests should another service be interested in inviting you for recruitment tests in the same profile and the same or lower function group. 

If you fail any part of the selection tests, the recruiting services can re-invite you (should they still be interested) only after a period of 6 months (calculated from the day when your results were published in your EPSO Account). This possibility should not in any case be interpreted as obligation to retest. Please refer to the Call for Expression of interest for details.

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