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Why was my talent screener score lower than my own expectations?

According to the relevant Court case law your personal conviction as to how your own qualifications/experience should have been evaluated is subjective and cannot replace the Selection Board's assessment. It does not constitute irrefutable evidence of manifest error committed by the Board.

You are responsible for providing the Selection Board with all the information which is needed to assess your Talent Screener, ie give enough details and reply to all questions.

Different elements can explain the Selection Board's decisions on scoring in accordance with the Board's pre-established evaluation criteria:

  • Your diploma and/or the subjects covered are not sufficiently in line with the pre-established criteria
  • Your experience is not sufficiently linked to the nature of duties specified in the notice of competition
  • The nature of your task/the type of responsibilities involved in your job (e.g. in terms of level of budget or number of personal managed) is not in line with the pre-established criteria or not sufficiently detailed in the Talent Screener tab of your application form
  • The duration of your professional experience is not clearly specified (e.g. exact start and end dates) 
  • Your experience in the field is not long enough/ was not acquired after the diploma giving access to the competition
  • You answered 'no' and consequently were awarded zero points for the question(s)
  • You referred to the reply you gave to another question (marks will not be awarded several times for entries repeating the same information as each piece of relevant experience can only be counted once).
  • You referred in your talent screener answer to another part of the application form which is not taken into account for the screening
  • You did not reply to all questions of the Talent Screener Tab of our application form

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