The quality of the translation of test items is better in some languages than in others.

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Tests and test items are translated by professional translators in the EU Institutions with rigorous quality control before being released. Multiple-choice computer-based tests score distribution and pass marks are consistent across all EU languages.

Quality controls on multiple-choice computer-based tests items (language by language, question by question etc.) are carried out regularly to identify any possible issues and correct them. Test items contested by candidates are subject to review by the Selection Board and if confirmed to be flawed, they are neutralised for all candidates who have received them and removed from the pool of test items for future candidates. Indeed, the number of multiple-choice questions which have been neutralised until now is extremely low and varies between less than 0.09% and 0.33% in relation to the total number of multiple-choice items deployed in the pool.

Sample tests for most EPSO tests and in different languages can be found at Sample tests.

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