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What are the language arrangements for competitions for generalists?

In which language do candidates take the tests in the competition for generalists?

A candidate for the competition for generalists will take the tests in two different languages:

  • Language 1 : Most of the multiple-choice question tests (MCQ - verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning tests) will be in the candidate’s Language 1, which must be one of the 24 official languages of the European Union.
  • Language 2 : One multiple-choice question tests (MCQ – situational judgment test), the e-tray test and the assessment centre tests and the e-tray test will be in one of the other languages indicated in the candidate’s application. The candidate will have to choose his or her Language 2 from the five languages identified by EPSO as the languages most declared by the competition candidates.

Each candidate must indicate at least two official languages of the European Union (minimum level required: at least one language at level B2 or higher and one language at level C1 or higher — see the common European framework of reference for languages). The languages for the tests will be selected based on the candidates’ choices, taking into account the interests of the recruiting services and the Institutions.

Therefore it is important that you declare the languages in which you are prepared to take the tests. It will no longer be possible to add a language to your application after the first registration phase.

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