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Selection based on qualifications (Talent screener)

What happens if I am readmitted after review but the competition has already progressed to the next step?

If the Selection Board were to readmit you following review, you would re-enter the process at the step where you had been excluded, regardless of how far the competition has progressed in the meantime. 


I have submitted a request for review and have not received a reply, should I send a reminder?

If you received an acknowledgment of receipt after you sent your initial complaint, you should not send a reminder unless a significant time has passed since you wrote. The replies to review can take several weeks to prepare. The Selection Board must meet to decide, and only after that are the replies prepared and sent.


I have a disability and have had problems accessing the EPSO website and/or during my selection procedure. Whom should I contact with my observations and recommendations?

Accessibility is very important to EPSO. We continually work to improve the accessibility of our communication and selection procedures. However, if you run into difficulties linked to the accessibility of your EPSO account or of our website, please contact us straight away to share your observations, recommendations or problems. Your feedback is essential to EPSO. It helps us improve our services by making them more accessible to everyone. For more information on EPSO's work to improve accessibility please visit our webpage dedicated to equal opportunities.


What should I do if I feel that I was not treated fairly during my competition due to my difference(s)?

EPSO places great importance on equality and diversity and makes every effort to respect equal opportunities, equal treatment and equal access for all its applicants. If you feel that you have been treated in an unfair or discriminatory way due to one or more of the following characteristics: sex, race, colour, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability, age or sexual orientation, please contact us straight away to share your observations and feelings.


Did the selection board look at my full application while scoring the talent screener?

No. The Selection Board will score your Talent Screener responses SOLELY on the replies you provide in the Talent Screener section of your application.  


Why was my talent screener score lower than my own expectations?

According to the relevant Court case law your personal conviction as to how your own qualifications/experience should have been evaluated is subjective and cannot replace the Selection Board's assessment. It does not constitute irrefutable evidence of manifest error committed by the Board. You are responsible for providing the Selection Board with all the information which is needed to assess your Talent Screener, ie give enough details and reply to all questions. Different elements can explain the Selection Board's decisions on scoring in accordance with the Board's pre-established...


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