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EPSO account

I cannot create, access and/or navigate my EPSO account with the technical assistance tools that I use as a result of my disability. What should I do?

Accessibility is very important to EPSO. We continually work to improve the accessibility of our communication and selection procedures. However, if you run into difficulties linked to the accessibility of your EPSO account or of our website, please contact us straight away to share your observations, problems and recommendations. For more information on EPSO's work to improve accessibility please visit our webpage dedicated to equal opportunities.


I can't log-on or consult my EPSO Account, what should I do?

Check that you are using the right login and password (see 'Forgot your username/login?  Forgot your password?'). Reminder: you are not allowed to create more then on EPSO Account, but in case your EPSO Account was deleted, you can create a new one for your future applications. Your EPSO Account might have been deleted in line with our privacy statement on personal data protection. In summary, we regularly delete the following accounts:


What is an EPSO Account?

The EPSO Account is the electronic record of your personal details and all applications for EPSO selection procedures. A direct link to create or log in to your EPSO Account is available on all pages of the EPSO website. It is also used by EPSO to send messages to candidates. You should therefore consult your EPSO Account at least twice a week.  Before applying, you will be prompted to create an EPSO Account, if you do not already have one. You can only have one EPSO Account, which you should use for all selection procedures.


Where can I apply?

Apply online on the EPSO website. You need to have an EPSO account to be able to apply. Instructions on how to create your EPSO account, if you do not already have one, are in the online application manual.


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