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Graduate Administrators 2017

What are the language rules for the competitions for specialists?

For the competitions for specialists, the languages are defined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the needs of the post and the recruiting services. Thus, for the upcoming competitions, we will have English only in the field of finance (working language of the financial markets), French and English for Nurses (working languages of the medical services and of the work tools) etc., while for a competition for representation in South America, the languages requested will probably be Spanish and Portuguese. 


Can you tell me which five languages will be proposed for the assessment centre tests and the e-tray exercise?

We have to wait until the end of the first phase of registration to collect the data from all the applications before drawing up a list of the languages most frequently declared by the candidates. The statistics from previous competitions are not relevant because these data are biased by the fact that English, French or German were mandatory. However, you may consult the European report on the languages most widely known and used, which may provide guidance though no guarantee. Furthermore, it is up to the Institutions to validate the five languages proposed by EPSO on the basis of the data...


Which languages do I take my tests in?

The tests will take place in two different languages: - One language for the numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning (multiple-choice questions test - MCQ): you choose this language from the 24 official languages of the European Union. - One language for the e-tray test and the assessment centre tests: you choose this language in the second part of the application from among the languages you indicated in the first part of your application. You must complete your application in this language. 


In this case, is it in my interest to declare that I know the 24 official EU languages?

No, because firstly, the recruiters and members of the selection panel will see that you have declared that you speak 24 languages, which will arouse their suspicions, and secondly, you could be obliged to take the tests in a language that you declared but in reality do not speak. Therefore it is important that you only declare the languages in which you are prepared to take the tests. It will no longer be possible to add a language to your application after the first registration phase.


What are the language arrangements for competitions for generalists?

In which language do candidates take the tests in the competition for generalists? A candidate for the competition for generalists will take the tests in two different languages:


Why new language arrangements for generalist competitions in 2017?

Previously, when registering for a generalist competition, candidates had to choose between English, French or German as their second language (language in which they would take the assessment centre tests). These three languages are generally considered to be the de facto working languages of a majority of the European Institutions. Following several complaints from Member States, the Court of Justice of the European Communities (CJEC) confirmed that this limited choice was not justified. EPSO’s new language rules are intended to give candidates a language environment that is simultaneously...


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