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Permanent officials

What are the competencies candidates must demonstrate during the tests?

The institutions are looking for candidates who are talented, motivated, and highly qualified in their field, and who can demonstrate the following general competencies:


What are the duties of an Administrator in the EU Institutions?

The general role of administrators is to support decision-makers in fulfilling themission of their institution or body. AD 5 is the grade at which graduates begin their careers as administrators in the European institutions. Administrators recruited at this grade can undertake, under supervision, three main types of work in the institutions: policy formulation, operational delivery, and resource management. The main duties, which may vary from one institution to another, are listed in the Notice of Competition You can also have a look at our web site where you can find access to useful...


What are the duties of an Assistant in the EU Institutions?

Assistants are generally employed in an executive and technical role (administrative, financial, communication, research, policy development and implementation etc). They play an important role in the internal management of the Institutions, notably in budgetary and financial affairs, personnel work, computing, and document management and scientific laboratory work


What do the different Assistant grades mean?

• An assistant career covers grades AST 1 to AST 11. • New staff usually enters at grades AST 1 or AST 3. • AST 1 candidates must have completed secondary education and have previous relevant experience, or have a relevant vocational qualification. • AST 3 candidates should have completed secondary education, a relevant vocational qualification and/or several years' relevant experience.


What are the duties of Assistant-Secretaries in the EU Institutions?

Assistants-Secretaries are generally employed in an office management and administrative support role. They can take on a broad range of tasks such as preparing files, organising and coordinating meetings, preparing files, as well as many others involved in supporting teams, managers, or other services within the EU Institutions.


What do the different Assistant-Secretaries grades mean?

• An assistant career covers grades AST/SC1 to AST/SC6. • New staff usually enter at grades AST/SC 1. • AST/SC1 candidates must have completed secondary education and have previous relevant experience, or have a relevant vocational qualification. • AST/SC2 for more experienced candidates (minimum 4 years).


What is an 'open competition'?

The EU institutions select candidates for permanent contracts through open competitions. These are tests and assessment exercises designed to measure your professional skills and a number of core competencies. In view of the very large number of applicants, this is the fairest and most transparent selection procedure. This means that spontaneous applications cannot be taken into account.


What is a 'notice of competition'?

Each competition for permanent officials is announced by a competition notice, giving full details of the profile, the eligibility criteria and the selection procedure.


How long does the selection process take?

Generally, it takes 5-9 months to complete the selection procedure, starting from the date of publication of the competition notice.


What is a 'selection board'?

Each selection process for permanent officials has its own Selection Board, which is responsible for selecting candidates at each stage and for drawing up the final list of successful candidates. Each Selection Board is made up of officials from the EU Institutions, and consists of permanent members (appointed usually for 2 to 4 years to ensure consistency across selection procedures) and non-permanent members (appointed for a particular selection process to bring technical expertise).


What do the different Administrator grades mean?

An administrator career covers grades AD 5 to AD 16.  AD 5 is the entry level for University graduates.  Selection and recruitment may also be offered at AD 6 / AD 7 in more specialist roles. Several years' relevant experience will be required.  AD 9 / AD 12 is middle management level. Selection/recruitment at these grades requires previous management experience.


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