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If you have recently graduated from university and are looking to work with the EU institutions, you will typically apply for what we call Administrator profiles at grade AD5 to become a permanent official. As an Administrator, you can find yourself playing a key role in the EU’s processes with a high degree of responsibility from an early stage in your career.

Along with your university diploma (at least bachelor degree level) you only need two more things to meet the basics for our graduate selection procedures. You need to be an EU citizen and fluent in one of the official EU languages and proficient in a second (for linguist profiles you will need a third EU language).

The selection procedures for permanent positions with the EU are organised as ‘open competitions’. The most relevant competition for graduates is launched every spring, usually as a generalist competition, for which no particular field of studies is needed.

An open competition includes tests and assessment exercises designed to measure your professional skills and a number of core competencies. Since the number of applicants is very high, this is the fairest and most transparent selection procedure.

Our competitions are published at Job Opportunities and announced by a Notice of Competition, which provides full details of the profile, the eligibility criteria and the selection procedure. The format of the competitions varies depending on the profile being sought. You can find more details on the application procedure at How to Apply.

Registration for competitions begins in the same periods every year (this is what we call cycles), in spring for Graduates and in summer for Translators. The graduate profiles we look for (e.g. Law, Audit) may vary from year to year as well as the language needs for Translators. Other selection procedures such as for Specialists or Assistants are launched in between the cycles.

In our selection procedure we focus on your professional skills and on general competencies, such as:

  • Analysis and problem solving
  • Communicating
  • Delivering quality and results
  • Learning and development
  • Prioritising and organising
  • Resilience
  • Working with others
  • Leadership

Find out whether you have what it takes to make a difference for Europe and test yourself with our Sample Tests.