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Unfortunately, at the beginning of the registration period of this competition, there was a discrepancy in the instructions concerning the language in which you should fill in your application form. While the Notice of competition clearly states that "Language 2 must be English, French or German. You must fill in your application form in your Language 2. ", the information provided on the EU Careers website did not sufficiently emphasise that candidates should fill in and validate their application form in the Language 2 they have chosen for this competition, and merely stated that candidates should: "Fill in and validate the online application form in English, French or German.".

This discrepancy was due to a mistake of technical nature for which EPSO sincerely apologises. It has in the meantime been corrected.

Given that the Notice of competition reads: "Language 2 must be English, French or German. You must fill in your application form in your Language 2.", all candidates who have started or already validated their application in a language other than their chosen competition Language 2 are requested to amend their application as necessary and submit it in this Language 2. Otherwise they may risk exclusion from the competition (see point 6.8., Annex III of the Notice of competition).

If you are one of these candidates and have already validated your application, please contact EPSO by 2 January 2017 (indicating your application number) so that we can reopen it for you.

Your application must still be validated before the deadline of 5 January 2017 at 12:00 (midday), CET.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

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