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(Updated) Physical test (functional course and fitness test) and shooting test

Both physical and shooting tests will be organised at the same location (close to Mons in Belgium) over one day.

Testing period will be from mid-June 2019 to end of July.

As per the Notice of Competition, instructions for both tests will be in the language 2 of the candidate.



The shooting test aims at testing the abilities in safe handling of firearms and marksmanship of candidates. The shooting tests will be conducted with a Glock 19 handgun. Ear protection and eye protections will be provided in the test center.

The candidates will first be asked to go through safety handling procedures. If the handling is done in a safe manner, the instructors admit the candidate to the shooting test.

The safety handling exercise will be followed by a practice session. The candidates will be allowed to practice at a distance of 10m and will receive 10 practice cartridges to shoot on a new target.  

The actual shooting test (shooting on a target from a standing position only) will then start on a new target: two different shooting tests are foreseen at a maximum distance of 10 metres. Candidates are requested to do each test in a given limited time. Detailed information will be given to candidates before the beginning of each shooting session.



The physical test will be composed of two tests:

B1. Fitness test (Beep test)

B2. Functional course (including strength test)



The beep test involves running continuously between two lines that are 20 m apart from side to side. The runs are synchronized with a pre-recorded audio file, which plays beeps at set intervals.

Each step lasts about 1 minute and the pace is increased at each level of  0.5 km / h.

More information will be provided to candidates the day of the test.



The functional course is an obstacle course that assesses whether the candidates have the functional fitness required to perform the tasks as indicated in the job description.

The functional course consists of a sports circuit which includes few obstacles.

Detailed information will be given to candidates before performing the test.

The strength test must be completed after the functional course, without interruption. It consists of a test of pushing and pulling a cart and a test of dragging a mannequin.

To pass the strength test, candidates must pass for each part of the tests.

Successful completion of the full functional test is only achieved when the functional course and the strength test  are completed.

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