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Assessment Centre in EPSO premises in Brussels - Safety measures as from September 2020

Dear candidate,

We hope you are well and safe. After having suspended our Assessment Centres due to Covid-19 in March, we are looking forward to welcoming you again in our EPSO premises as of September 2020. Our aim is to allow for your participation in the Assessment Centre in the best possible way. Please rest assured that EPSO has conducted a very thorough evaluation of all options and that the decision to resume the Assessment Centres was taken with utmost consideration, keeping your safety, and that of our staff, at the forefront. We are confident that the procedure described below will ensure the smooth running of tests, whilst safeguarding your health at the same time.

In order to meet all requirements for a safe and efficient Assessment Centre day, we have put in place several specific measures, in line with the recommendations set out by national authorities and the European Commission.

Reduced number of candidates on site

Instead of inviting the usual amount of candidates per day, EPSO decided to reduce this number by half on a daily basis. This means that our facilities will offer enough space to guarantee the appropriate physical distancing.

The three golden rules of safety

Three rules will prevail throughout your Assessment Centre day in EPSO: physical distance (>1.5 meters), wearing masks, and frequent hand sanitizing.

Safety and health measures

Physical distancing of at least 1.5m will have to be observed at all times, including during and in-between tests, during breaks, etc. Facemasks will be provided by EPSO and hand disinfectant will be available throughout the EPSO premises. Wearing a face mask will be mandatory at all times during your Assessment Centre day. Please note that if you remove your mask during your tests, you may be asked to leave the building and may be excluded from the competition.

Candidates and Selection Board members of a specific competition will be requested to always use the same testing rooms and resting areas, and will not be able to meet and mingle with candidates and Selection Board members from other competitions.

Reception area on the ground floor

Please make sure to arrive at the time (not late, but not too early either) indicated on your invitation. Candidates will be invited at slightly different times during the day to allow for a seamless registration procedure, and to avoid larger groups of candidates gathering at the reception or outside the entrance.

You will be expected to follow all instructions given by EPSO staff and to respect the floor markings. Masks will be provided at the ground floor (2 masks per person per day, one for the morning, and one after lunch).

Upon entering the building, the security personnel will check your ID, after which an EPSO staff member will register you and provide you with all necessary information for your Assessment Centre tests. You will also receive a daily planning paper indicating your test rooms and your resting area. It is essential to limit your movements to your allocated areas during the whole day in EPSO.

Testing rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor

Please follow and respect the floor markings at all times.

In all testing areas, the seating arrangements for both candidates and Selection Board members will be planned in such a way to ensure at least the 1.5m physical distancing rule. It is not permitted to change your seat or to modify the seating arrangements in any way.

Hand sanitizer dispensers will be available in every testing room. You will have to use it every time you enter and leave the room.

Pay attention to posters indicating safety measures in the EPSO building and make sure to respect them.

The number of chairs in resting areas will be limited and you are required to always use the one allocated to you (sticker indicating your candidate number).

Disinfection and extra cleaning rounds

The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of the premises and rooms (including surfaces in the testing rooms, resting areas and infrastructure in general), will increase.


In order to reduce the likelihood of cross contacts, bottles, cups and glasses will not be provided. Water and single-use cups will be available at water fountains close to which, disinfectant will be provided, and you are encouraged to disinfect your hands before and after using them.

Coffee (delivering the cup automatically) and snack vending machines will be available at the cafeteria on the second floor. The cafeteria is nonetheless not a resting area and you must therefore go back to your resting area or testing room immediately after buying drinks or snacks.


If you feel sick or have any Covid-19 symptoms, such as fever or cough before reaching EPSO premises, please renounce your participation to your Assessment Centre day and inform EPSO staff via phone or email. Alternative dates will be arranged (subject to certain conditions).

If you feel sick or have any symptoms, such as  fever or cough during your Assessment Centre in EPSO premises, please stop participating in the tests without any delay, leave the premises and inform EPSO staff via phone or email. Alternative dates will be arranged (subject to certain conditions).

Before travelling to your Assessment Centre

The day before travelling to Brussels, you must consult the website of the Belgian national authorities, which will indicate if your country of origin is subject to restrictions in Brussels. If you are travelling from an area subject to restrictions, cancel your travel and inform EPSO staff via phone or email. Alternative dates will be arranged (subject to certain conditions).

Contribution to travel expenses

If you are eligible, you may request a contribution for your travel expenses. Please check the EPSO website for more details.

Kindly note that any other expenses that you might incur in connection with your Assessment Centre attendance (such as medical expenses, additional costs linked to quarantine or an extended stay in Brussels, flight cancellations, etc.) will not be borne by EPSO and you will need to cover them yourself.

Further information on Covid-19

Updated information, contacts and resources made available by the Belgian national authorities for COVID related matters can be found here:  https://www.belgium.be/en

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Update date : 24/08/2020 - 18:35