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Closed selection procedures

On this page, you can find links to more information related to closed selection procedures published before April 2016. In line with the language rules of these selection procedures, the information is available in English, French and German only.

For information about selection procedures published after April 2016, you can visit this page.

Reference Number
Administrators 2010 – Administrators in the field of librarianship/information science (new tests) EPSO/AD/178/10
Administrators 2010 – Engineers and producers in the audiovisual field (new tests) EPSO/AD/179/10
Administrators in different fields (2010 cycle) – New tests EPSO/AD/177/10
Administrators in different fields (2012 cycle) EPSO/AD/230-231/12
Administrators in the buildings sector EPSO/AD/248/13
Administrators in the field of audit (m/f) EPSO/AD/277/14
Administrators in the field of communication EPSO/AD/215/11
Administrators in the field of Intellectual Property OHIM/AD/01/13
Administrators in the research field 2010 COM/AD/01-16/10
Administrators specialising in legal research (BG/DE/HR/IE/LT/SK) EPSO/AD/295-300/15
Administrators with Croatian citizenship EPSO/AD/244/12
Administrators: generalists EPSO/AD/301/15
Administrators: generalists (m/f) EPSO/AD/276/14
Archivistics EPSO/AD/227/11
Assistant curators and conservation and collection management assistants EPSO/AST/136/15
Assistants in different fields - EPSO/AST/118/11 EPSO/AST/118/11
Assistants in different fields - EPSO/AST/125/12 EPSO/AST/125/12
Assistants in different fields - EPSO/AST/129/13 EPSO/AST/129/13
Assistants in the area of ​​research EPSO/AST/126/12
Assistants in the building sector (m/f) EPSO/AST/130/14
Assistants in the field of information and communication technology (M/F) EPSO/AST/133/14
Assistants in the field of Intellectual Property OHIM/AST/02/13
Assistants in the field of parliamentary work (m/f) EPSO/AST/134/14
Assistants in the field of security (m/f) EPSO/AST/132/14
Assistants in the Secretarial Field EPSO/AST/117/11
Assistants with Croatian citizenship in different fields EPSO/AST/123/12
Auditors (European Court of Auditors) EPSO/AD/302/15
CAST 01 2010 EPSO/CAST/01/2010
CAST 02 2010 EPSO/CAST/02/2010
CAST 2014-Reopening for OHIM OHIM/CAST/10/2014
CAST 2015 for OHIM OHIM/CAST/S/15/2015
CAST Buildings EPSO/CAST/S/3/2012
CAST Childcare 2012 EPSO/CAST/S/2/2012
CAST Drivers (m/f) - EP/CAST/S/16/2016 EP/CAST/S/16/2016
CAST Drivers (m/f) - EPSO/CAST/S/8/2014 EPSO/CAST/S/8/2014
CAST Educational psychologists EPSO/CAST/S/6/2013
CAST for Financial officers and advisers, Project/Programme officers and advisers EPSO/CAST/P/1-4/2015
CAST for nursery nurses/childcare workers 2015 EPSO/CAST/S/13/2015
CAST for principal building manager (m/f) EPSO/CAST/S/11/2015
CAST for Regional security officers and advisers 2015 EPSO/CAST/S/12/2015
CAST ICT and Cyber Security EPSO/CAST/S/7/2013
CAST in the area of surveillance and prevention EP/CAST/S/14/2015
CAST Regional security staff 2012 EPSO/CAST/S/4/2012
CAST RELEX EPSO/CAST RELEX/External Service/2008
CAST Research EPSO/CAST/S/5/2013
CAST Secretary EPSO/CAST/SECR 2008
CAST Translation EPSO/CAST/S/1/2011