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Closed selection procedures

On this page, you can find links to more information related to closed selection procedures published before April 2016. In line with the language rules of these selection procedures, the information is available in English, French and German only.

For information about selection procedures published after April 2016, you can visit this page.

Reference Number
Conference interpreters - EPSO/AD/222-226/11 EPSO/AD/222-226/11
Conference interpreters - EPSO/AD/311-314/15 EPSO/AD/311-314/15
Conference interpreters for English, French, Romanian or Slovenian EPSO/AD/256-259/13
Conference technicians EPSO/AST/121/12
Cooperation and Management of Aid to Non-Member Countries EPSO/AD/229/11
Croatian Heads of Unit in the fields of Law, Economics or European Public Administration EPSO/AD/252-253/13
Croatian language interpreters 2012 EPSO/AD/234/12
Croatian language lawyer-linguists EPSO/AD/235/12
Croatian language translators 2012 EPSO/AD/233/12
Croatian-language translators EPSO/AD/255/13
Curators, museum educators and conservators EPSO/AD/310/15
Data protection specialists (m/f) EPSO/AD/294/14
Development cooperation and managing aid to non-EU countries EPSO/AD/303/15
Digital forensics / Operational analysis (m/f) EPSO/AD/278/14
Doctors EPSO/AD/308-309/15
Economists specialised in financial or macro-economics EPSO/AD/249/13
Food safety experts specialised in policy and legislation or audit, inspection and evaluation EPSO/AD/250-251/13
Head of Nuclear Decommissioning Unit EPSO/AD/254/13
Head of unit - Bulgarian language (Court of Justice) EPSO/AD/232/12
Head of Unit - Site Management and Nuclear Safety, Institute for Transuranium Elements (Karlsruhe, Germany) EPSO/AD/247/12
Heads of Administration in EU Delegations EPSO/AST/135/15
Heads of Unit having Croatian as their main language in the field of translation EPSO/AD/245-246/12
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) EPSO/AD/228/11
Internal Security Guards (M/F) EPSO/AST-SC/02/14
Interpreters 2012 for Danish, German, English and Slovak EPSO/AD/236-239/12
Language editors 2011 EPSO/AST/113-116/11
Lawyer-linguists (m/f): Council and Parliament EPSO/AD/288-292/14
Lawyer-linguists 2011 EPSO/AD/208-214/11
Lawyer-linguists for the Council/Parliament with Danish, Dutch, English, Irish or German as their main language EPSO/AD/271-275/13
Lawyer-linguists for the Court of Justice (m/f) EPSO/AD/279-283/14
Lawyer-linguists for the Court of Justice with German, Latvian, Dutch or Portuguese as their main language EPSO/AD/267-268-269-270/13
Lawyer-linguists: Court of Justice EPSO/AD/304-307/15
Lithuanian language proofreaders EPSO/AST/124/12
Nuclear inspectors (m/f) EPSO/AST/131/14
Parliamentary Ushers EPSO/AST-SC/04/15
Proofreaders / Language Editors with Croatian as their main language EPSO/AST/122/12
Proofreaders with Czech or Danish as their main language EPSO/AST/119-120/12
Proofreaders with Greek as their main language EPSO/AST/127/13
Proofreaders with Portuguese as their main language EPSO/AST/128/13
Secretaries (m/f) EPSO/AST-SC/01/14
Secretaries and clerks for administrative/ financial/ secretarial support roles EPSO/AST/-SC/03/15
Translators EPSO/AD/216-221/11
Translators 2012 for Estonian, Irish, Latvian and Portuguese EPSO/AD/240-243/12
Translators for Danish, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Maltese and Slovenian EPSO/AD/261/13
Translators for Finnish, Hungarian, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese and Slovak (m/f) EPSO/AD/315-320/15
Translators for German, Greek, Spanish and Swedish (m/f) EPSO/AD/284-287/14